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Faculty Adviser

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Does my faculty adviser have to attend the competition? Are they required to be a member of SAE? If they aren't a member, how can I add them to my team's roster?
Faculty advisors are not required to attend the competition, but it is highly recommended that they do. They are not required to be SAE members, but they are required to be on the team roster on www.sae.org.  In order to add a Faculty Advisor who is not a member, they should create a free customer account on www.sae.org using their last name and email address here: https://www.sae.org/servlets/registration?OBJECT_TYPE=Registration&PAGE=mainPage&REQUEST_FROM=REGISTRATION

After they've done so, go to my.sae.org and find their customer number.  Email that number along with the university name to [email protected].  We will affiliate this account to your university, which will allow you to add them to your roster.

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