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What to do if your Frame Pre-Check Documents/Drawings were Rejected

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Our frame pre-check drawings were rejected.  How long do we have to resubmit corrections? Should individual problems be addressed, or should we resubmit the entire document?  Does this prevent us from going to competition?
In brief:

You need to correct your design and re-submit another full, updated document; or wait until competition and learn what needs to be corrected at Frame Check during Tech Inspection.


If your Frame Pre-Check documents or drawings were Rejected, then you should work to correct the design problems that prevent the Frame Techs from accepting it. If you are unsure of how to fix it, reply to the Techs by clicking View Submission Comments & History under your submitted document and posting a comment asking for more info. You will need to submit a corrected version of the entire document or drawing package.

You should do this as soon as possible because the idea is to get your frame design approved before you actually build it, eliminating the need to cut/fix parts of it later in the season. This is why the first submission is a big deal and is required this early. You can resubmit revised documents all the way up to the week before the final competition of the season, but realistically you need a good design much sooner than then. If you wait until a few weeks before competition to send updates there is no guarantee that a Frame Tech will be able to give you feedback in a reasonable time frame at that point.

If you never submit an updated document, your frame design will be checked & inspected during Frame Tech at the first competition attend.

There is no point penalty for not submitting updated pre-check documents; however, if your frame does not meet the rules then you will be required to modify it to bring it into compliance at competition (before passing Tech).  Please use the Frame Pre-Check as a way to get your design right while it's still in CAD.
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