Baja TN - Power & Water Paddocks Available

4/15/2022 8:49:30 AM ET   Baja SAE Tennessee Tech

Attention Teams:

Deadline is approaching to compete the Baja SAE Tennessee Tech Paddock Survey. All teams need to complete the survey so organizers can ensure appropriate spacing is provided as we park teams with trailers and box trucks. Please review the news post from March 18th to complete the survey. Deadline of April 18th.

The survey also inquires if teams are interested in purchasing paddocks with water & power available. Below is a direct link for teams interested in purchasing these slots. The link to buy a trailer/paddock spot with power and water is now live, so teams can purchase a total of 40 of those slots here.
The cost is $45.00 for all four days of the event.

Teams who have already completed the survey will need to pay using this link.