DEADLINE TODAY - Acknowledgement Doc

4/9/2021 3:18:47 PM   BajaSAE Series

'Acknowledgement Document Submission' for Baja SAE Arizona is due TODAY!

The following teams have yet to submit the Acknowledgement Document Submission for Baja SAE Arizona. Please be advised that without submission of this document, you will NOT be permitted on-site for the Arizona Validation event. PLEASE NOTE: If your team can no longer participate in the Validation event, please notify us at [email protected] ASAP.

Missing Acknowledgement Teams as of 3:00 PM ET, April 9th
63 - Harding Univ
53 - McGill Univ
26 - New York University
66 - North Carolina A & T State
48 - Univ of New Hampshire
30 - Univ of Texas -Tyler
56 - Wichita State Univ

Each team is now REQUIRED to do the following ASAP! For more detailed instructions on this new process, click here!

  1. Review the '2021 Registration Process Outline' document available for download under Series Resources in the '2021 CDS Competition Season > Validation Event' folders.

  2. After reading the document above, submit the required 'Acknowledgement Document Submission' on during the window outlined below. Teams WILL NOT be permitted on-site if they do not submit the Acknowledgement Document. The form will differ slightly from event to event - currently only Arizona's template is available. Louisville's will get posted closer to the event.

    • Baja SAE Arizona Window: April 1 - April 9
    • Baja SAE Louisville Window: April 22 - April 26