Required RFID Tags

4/20/2022 4:55:16 PM ET   BajaSAE Series

Baja SAE Timing & Scoring uses passive RFID tags for all cars competing in competitions hosted by SAE International in addition to the required transponder for Endurance outlined in the Baja SAE rules. All teams are required to have an RFID tag mounted on their vehicle for competition in 2022.

If your team previously competed in the past few years, any RFID tag your team would have been given by SAE staff at student registration will work and should be used again. Check your previously built vehicles and make sure to grab that RFID tag before heading to competition!

Tags will be functionally checked and linked to your car number at Brake Check. If you are a new team this year, SAE staff will be able to provide you with a RFID tag to keep and reuse for future years. We will have limited supply onsite so if you are a team who has misplaced your tag please try to find it.