Engine Order Updates

1/16/2023 11:19:51 AM ET   BajaSAE Series

Kohler’s distributor, Gardner reports engine orders have been received by many teams. The first 43 engines shipped had the approved gasket in the miscellaneous parts bag. Unfortunately, several engines were shipped without that part.

Gardner is aware and already working with Kohler, providing them a list of teams who did not receive the gasket in their shipment. Unfortunately, their plant was shut down for approximately four weeks due to China’s Zero Covid Policy, so production was affected. Now that the plant is reopened production is ramping up. Kohler will be shipping gasket(s) directly to each team that did not receive them.

Additionally, Gardner has informed us that they are currently out of stock on mufflers. They expect to be stocked no later than mid-February. Gardner will be holding all engine shipments until stock replenishes to avoid making additional shipments.