Baja SAE Design Finalists Announced

4/14/2021 11:11:22 PM   BajaSAE Series

Congratulations to the following teams for advancing to the Design Finals!

These teams will see new appointments in your account by 10:00 AM EDT on Thursday, April 15, 2021. The same student presenters who presented in Round 1 Judging will be affiliated to the Finals presentation.

Please be sure to note your scheduled time below and mark your calendars! Also please log in early to verify your schedule and presenters are good to go!

Details on Design Finals Procedures available for review online.

Time Slots for Thursday, April 15th Baja SAE Design Finals

4:00 PM EDT - #97, Cornell University

4:45 PM EDT - #158, Georgia Institute of Technology

5:30 PM EDT - #49, Oregon State University

6:15 PM EDT - #38, Rochester Institute of Technology