Baja SAE Oregon: Sales Presentation Finals

4/26/2018 4:06:05 PM   Baja SAE Oregon

Returning for 2018, Baja SAE Oregon will host Sales Presentation Finals during the competition. The intent of this activity is to provide the top three finalists with objective final scoring, as well as encourage creativity among the remaining competitors.

Judges will evaluate all presentations given throughout the day and decide on the top three teams. The selected teams will be notified and report to the main tent at Washougal MX Park at the specified time. Each team will then give their presentation again in front of a new panel of judges and there will be no question-answer session.

The top three teams will automatically receive additional points based on their final presentation to the judges. The additional points will be awarded per team based on performance and will be determined by the judging panel.

Sales Presentation Finals will be a public event – everyone is encouraged to attend. Attendees will be requested to respect the finalists’ presentations: no talking, cell phone usage, or recording devices will be permitted during the presentations unless approved by the finalists.