Baja SAE Second Vehicle Registration

11/7/2023 12:43:21 PM ET   BajaSAE Series

We are pleased to inform you of an exciting opportunity that allows schools to extend their involvement in both the Baja California and Michigan events. Now, you have the unique opportunity to register a second vehicle for these competitions. We will be extending the Baja California Registration deadline to December 20th.

The second vehicle should represent an entirely separate team from your university's initial registration. This ensures diversity in submissions and team composition. Furthermore, we kindly request that you select a distinctly different team name for this additional entry to maintain clarity, professionalism and reduce confusion for the affiliation process. You cannot be on BOTH teams, you can only choose one team to affiliate to.

Should you be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to expand your school's presence, please proceed to register. We believe this initiative will contribute to a more diverse and engaging competition. Thank you for considering this enhancement to your participation.