Weekly Event Update - 4/28

4/28/2020 6:31:00 PM   BajaSAE Series

2020 Baja SAE Virtual Design Evaluation Procedures

The Design Evaluation for 2020 will follow a virtual format, but the content and judging criteria of the evaluation will be essentially the same as the on-site events in the past with a small change to the score percentages (details below). Please download the Virtual Design Evaluation Procedures 2020 document housed on Series Resources under the 2020 Virtual Event Docs tab. In this document you will find the procedure and general information regarding the Design Evaluation portion of the competition. Please familiarize yourself and your team with the process and the design section of the rules (C3.1) for an effective and efficient Design Evaluation.

Note on Testing/Validation and Correlation of Analysis and Testing:

We realize that many Baja SAE cars were not finished and thus much of the planned full vehicle testing could
not be completed. Instead of evaluating testing and validation that was executed as we typically would during
an onsite event, we will be evaluating the teams’ testing and validation plans and how the teams planned to
correlate their analysis and testing. The scoring percentages have been adjusted as a result. Please see Virtual
Design Event Score Sheets at www.bajasae.net/go/downloads

Download Virtual Design Evaluation Procedures 2020