Saturday Weather Plan Summary

4/13/2019 9:20:30 AM   Baja SAE Tennessee Tech

TTU: Saturday Weather Plan Summary

We will meet again at 12:30 PM in the design area to solidify and communicate the plan moving forward for today and tomorrow.

Current Weather Plan – Compressed Day

(unless something changes with the reports we’re receiving by 12:30 PM)

  • Tech will close at NOON
  • Dynamic events and Brake Check will end at 2 PM
  • Hour Break for endurance set up
  • Endurance start at 3 PM
  • Gridding will be based on acceleration at NOON
  • Gridding will open from 2-2:30 PM
  • If you aren’t in line by 2:30 you will start endurance from the back of the line
  • Endurance 2.5 hours long

At 12:30 meeting we will decide whether we will be moving forward with this plan or moving forward with a normal schedule. At 12:30 we will update you on all final details such as: Endurance walk through, awards, banquet, etc.

All dynamic events will have two lines – a priority line for teams that are attempting their first run and a second run line.
If at any point today we experience severe weather that requires us to find shelter, we need complete cooperation from teams. IF that occurs, the shelter area that teams need to report to is the HBAP building. Emergency push notifications from the Baja SAE app will be sent out and announcements will be made if shelter needs to be taken. In this event, LEAVE your cars and equipment where they are and worry about protecting yourself.

With changing events and weather are working on scores as we can, but final scores will be posted on Sunday as available/able.