Briggs Engine Order Update

9/16/2021 1:57:32 PM ET   BajaSAE Series

Student teams in need of ordering an engine to compete in the 2022 competition season will be able to order one starting October 9, 2021, using the link located online under team’s registration at

Reminder, teams can reuse their engines from previous competition season if it meets current spec engine and has remained unmodified.

The Baja SAE Rules Committee will be looking at a possible engine model change for the 2023 competition year due to supply constraints, if you do not need an engine, you may not want to purchase one that could become obsolete.

SAE is recruiting volunteers from five university teams who have ability to field two vehicles at the Baja SAE Rochester and Baja SAE Arizona competitions to test new engine choice. The university’s second vehicle will not be required to pay for competition registration or compete in “static” events. The second vehicle will not earn points in any dynamic event as the purpose is for testing the new engine choice only. The second vehicle will also be required to have separate drivers from the vehicle competing for points. If registered and interested in being one of our teams please contact [email protected] with details of university name, event already registered for and who should serve as point of contact. SAE will work with that individual directly as more information becomes available.

Any questions please ask.