Baja SAE Ohio Welcome Packet

7/27/2023 1:03:49 PM ET   Baja SAE Ohio

Hello Baja SAE Ohio Participants,

The 2023 Baja SAE Ohio competition, hosted by Honda, is right around the corner! We're bringing our innovative spirit to host the first-ever Day 0 | Honda Open House event in Marysville, OH on September 6, 2023, and a competition experience, Day 1-4, that you haven't seen before.
Check out the Welcome Packet to get all of the fine details to stay informed and well prepared. Below is a highlight of the key deadlines and content you don't want to miss. Also, if you missed it, click the link to watch our Welcome Video.

Day 0 | Wed. Sep 6, 2023
Honda Open House Registration Due 8/06/2023
On-Site Interview sign-up Due 8/06/2023
Early Bird Paddock Opportunity Due 8/06/2023
Wind Tunnel Tour Due 8/06/2023
Logistics & Arrival

Day 1 – Day 4 | Thu. Sep 7 – Sun. Sep 10, 2023
Technical Inspection Numbers
Food & T-Shirt Orders Due 8/06/2023

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