Pre-Order Arizona Meal Tickets

8/8/2022 4:40:53 PM ET   Baja SAE Arizona

For the 2022 Baja SAE Arizona event, the organizing group is providing food to the students and need to know what menu option you would like for each meal. The event location is far from any restaurants and you cannot use any grilles on-site. To help make things easier for students we are providing five meals as shown below for a total cost of just $20 per person.

To provide you this amazing deal the local event organization, Sponsors and SAE are subsidizing a portion of the meal cost. To eliminate waste and provide exactly the correct number of meals and to spend the money effectively we are requesting that you purchase your tickets in advance. We plan to have no onsite ticket sales for meals so you will be responsible to provide your own food if you do not order a meal.

Please assist us by doing the following:

  1. Review the meals in the 'Lunch Pre-Order Form - AZ Event' document that is housed in Competition Resources within the Arizona Event > Files folders, or download directly here.
  2. Decide how many of each type of meal that you want for your team.
  3. Have ONE team member email [email protected] with a completed AZ Pre-order form.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT : September 7th - however, the earlier the better!