Flyer Defense - Emplowering Careers in Automotive Defense Technology

5/2/2024 8:05:09 AM ET   Baja SAE California

Flyer Defense, LLC provides mission-specialized, lightweight tactical wheeled vehicles designed for internal transport in rotary and tilt-wing aircraft. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Flyer provides purpose-built vehicles for the U.S. Army, special operations forces, and global allies.

About Flyer Defense:
Our mission at Flyer Defense is to deliver an extraordinary experience to our customers, those who drive our vehicles, and everyone connected to the Flyer brand and team. Our vision is to be the most versatile, technically advanced, high-performing, all-terrain mobility platform in the world. The Flyer® family of successfully tested and certified vehicles include the Flyer 60, the Flyer 72, and the Flyer 72-Utility, highly modular platforms that allow rapid customization for operation-relevant configurations.

Career Opportunities
Discover unique opportunities for interns and entry-level professionals across various fields including:

  1. Engineering: Contribute to groundbreaking advancements in vehicle design and development.
  2. Manufacturing: Be part of the team that brings our vehicles to life on the production floor.
  3. Quality Control: Ensure our vehicles meet rigorous standards through meticulous quality control processes.
  4. Supply Chain Management: Optimize logistics and material flow to support critical missions.

How to Connect
Learn more about Flyer Defense by visiting us our website at or connecting via the Baja SAE portal.

Flyer Defense is committed to fostering a collaborative environment where talent is encouraged and challenged. Explore your potential with us and be a part of a company driving innovation in defense technology.