Rules Update: Cost & Tech

4/10/2019 4:23:50 PM   BajaSAE Series

Rules Update: Cost & Tech

The rules have been updated and republished at

List of changes from Revision B to Revision C:

B.13.3.6 - Figure B-60 was missing the dimensions referenced in rule, figure updated.

A.5.2 - Deleted "Any outsourcing must be reflected in cost reporting with supporting receipts or invoices from the outsourced vendor."

A.7.1.3 - Deleted bullet "·Cost Documentation"

B.5.4.3 - Added, "Clothing only rated for electric arc flash is not acceptable. (i.e. NFPA 70E/ASTM F1506-10a)"

B.6.5 – Added older fuel tank part numbers that are still acceptable."655423, or 699878"

B.6.5.1 - Item 2, Changed from "Maximum" to "Minimum"

C.3.3.2 - Deleted, "Cost documentation must be submitted as an Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF)"

Article 4 - Fixed Sectioning/Indexing error

C.4.2.5 - Deleted all text. Replaced with: "Teams that are entering more than one North American Baja SAE® competitions must submit a cost report for each competition through the online cost system. Furthermore, they must also upload a copy of the eBOM for one competition through the document submission portal, following the instructions at" Due to previous indexing error, this section is now C.4.2.4.

C.4.3.1 - Replaced "Times" with "Cost"

C.4.3.1 - Replaced "Prices or times" with "Prices"

C.4.4.3 - Deleted "(i.e. either through lack of documentation or outdated receipts)"