Day 0 - Honda Open House Ride-A-Longs

8/25/2023 3:02:00 PM ET   BajaSAE Series

Honda of America Racing Team Ride-A-Longs will take place at Transportation Research Center’s (TRC) Dynamic Handling Course. Rides will be scheduled between 1 pm- 5 pm on September 6th and will take approximately 1 hr. from ADC departure to your return to ADC.

To sign up for this exciting experience, use the link below. This offer is limited to 2 students per team to experience the thrill of racing. To receive a time slot, your team must be one of the first 25 teams to sign up at registration!

To summarize, team members must complete an advance sign-up by Friday September 1st using the link below, and then be one of the first 25 teams to Day 0 Registration. If you do not complete the advanced Security forum, you cannot participate in the HART Ride along opportunity.
Follow steps below:

  1. Fill out the form: HART Ride-A-Along Form
  2. An email will be sent to you from Traction Guest in a few days.
  3. Complete the security form from Traction Guest.
  4. Show up to Honda Open House with QR code sent from Traction Guest