Weekly Event Update - 4/14

4/14/2020 5:55:00 PM   BajaSAE Series

As we mentioned in our previous communication, the 2020 virtual event will take place in two parts:

1. Static Presentations – scheduled out and hosted on a web-based tool such as WebEx or Zoom in the weeks leading up to the Virtual Event Day. The presentations will take place on a separate day from the rest of the larger virtual event.

2. Virtual Event Day – the event day will consist of the career fair, sponsor skillshops, expert chats and more. We are also planning to work gamification into this event for students to compete against each other for prizes. The date is still TBD at this time based on our continued exploration on finding the right platform. We are currently looking at mid/end of June.

Static Cost Event will run as follows:

  1. The BOM for each team will have a snapshot taken at 11:59.59 PM EDT on May 10th for all three Baja SAE competitions. Cost judges will then perform analysis to determine which teams will be audited and which subsections for each team. Judges will audit those subsections and determine if there are any adjustments required. If there are adjustments made, the teams will be contacted via email if they accept the findings or would like to dispute the findings. If a team decides to dispute the findings, the teams will be given a time slot to review the findings and provide evidence to support a different cost than what the judge found. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Baja SAE Cost team anticipates contacting teams around May 20th. Reviews with the teams will then be scheduled and completed by May 30th. Scoring will be completed soon after.

  2. Teams will be asked to take a component they have developed on their prototype vehicle and discuss how they would change the design, manufacturing processes, or other changes if their vehicle were to enter production. The expectation is that teams talk about how they would manufacture a metal part or change how they make body panels. We encourage teams to pick an area that they would like to explore. Teams will be asked to submit a one-page report, following the design report format, with one additional page for images and drawings. Gamification points will be given to teams that complete this aspect of the Baja SAE Virtual event (we will be sharing details on the point structure of the virtual soon). Awards will be determined for this portion of the cost event as well!

  3. The cost team will also be identifying several teams that could benefit from some one on one coaching with a cost judge regarding ways they can improve their cost report in the future. These sessions will be scheduled out prior to the virtual event day.

Please Note: The deadline to submit the cost report has been extended to May 10th for teams who have yet to complete their cost module. We are working on getting this adjusted on the www.sae.org and www.bajasae.net web pages. You should see this reflected in the next 24 hours.