Baja SAE Ohio Registration Deadline Extension

11/18/2022 3:21:07 PM ET   BajaSAE Series

With the 2022 calendar year coming to an end, SAE has extended the Baja SAE Ohio competition registration deadline back to February 1, 2023. SAE understands that for many universities, the fall competition date is part of a new budget cycle. We hope this delay in closing registration aids teams still interested in participating by granting them more time to register and make the required registration payment for the 2023 competition season.

Additionally, SAE also made the announcement prior to October 31st that we would allow teams to register a second vehicle for any open competition starting November 7th. Currently we have 9 open slots for Baja SAE Oshkosh and 37 open slots for Baja SAE Ohio. Any teams interested in fielding a second car, which is a great project for an underclassmen team using the 2022 designed and built competition chassis, can register a second car. SAE understands the challenge a team may have using the 2022 chassis due to the new Kohler engine requirement; modifications will most likely be needed. Additionally, teams using a 2022 vehicle that did not operate as 4WD may have an additional challenge of implementing a 4WD system or select to participate accepting the penalties applied as per rule B.

If you have any questions regarding the second vehicle, please submit a rules inquiry using the online system.