Mini Baja Registration is LIVE

6/26/2024 9:18:43 AM ET   BajaSAE Series

Join us for the inaugural launch of Mini Baja 2024 - registration is now open!

What is Mini Baja?
Get mentoring support and top tier networking at SAE’s premier Commercial Vehicle event in addition to experienced industry mentors all less than a day’s drive from Baja SAE Michigan (~4 hours)! Participate in this scaled-down R/C version of Baja for no additional cost beyond your entry fee to the conference.

Event Highlights

  • Design and Fabrication: Each team will create their Mini Baja vehicle on a digital platform, employing various AM techniques to produce the parts necessary for assembly.
  • Scale Prototype: The culmination of these efforts is a meticulously crafted scale prototype.
  • Testing and Competition: Prototypes will be put to the test in person at SAE International’s COMVEC™ Conference in September 2024.
  • Challenging Course: Vehicles must navigate a demanding course featuring diverse terrain surfaces, elevation changes, jumps, drop-offs, and various other obstacles designed to test durability and performance.

Competition Details

  • Team Registration Fee: $0.00 (however, COMVEC student registration is required - see below)
  • COMVEC Student Admission Rate: $175.00 per individual - must register by 8/16
  • Registration Closing: August 16, 2024
  • Rules Document: Rules can be downloaded from Series Resources within the Mini Baja folder.

Steps to Register

  1. Register your team at
  2. Complete 2 Minute Team Member Survey:
  3. Have each team member of Mini Baja register for COMVEC at the student rate here:
  4. Submit COMVEC registration proof to document submission area of by 8/16.

Other Notes:

  • Rules Q&A Use: Mini Baja will NOT be utilizing the Rules Q&A feature of Please submit rules questions to [email protected].

  • Document Deadlines Clarification
    The following documents are required for your competition. However, please understand that you only need a minimum of two team members. If you have a 2 person team, you do not need to submit for COMVEC Proof of Registration - Student 3 & 4.

    • COMVEC Proof of Registration - Student 1
    • COMVEC Proof of Registration - Student 2
    • COMVEC Proof of Registration - Student 3 (if needed)
    • COMVEC Proof of Registration - Student 4 (if needed)
    • Mini Baja Cost Report (this is NOT a Cost Module submission, just a small PDF report)
    • Design Review Slide Deck
    • Technical Drawing

    • Note: While that seems like a lot, there are only 3 competition documents the other remaining four are simply submitting proof of your COMVEC registration. COMVEC registration documents are due by August 16th, and the rest of the documents are due by August 26th. All submissions are setup on with the same submission process as standard Baja SAE competitions. Please note that on the Deadlines tab of currently is reflecting an error that displays all National document submissions for the standard Baja SAE series when you select Mini Baja from the competition drop down list. We are working to fix this issue with our developers. Please understand that the ONLY submissions required for Mini Baja are the ones explicitly labeled as Mini Baja in the Competition column. We hope to have this issue resolved soon.


Reach out to us [email protected].