Overall Winners Corrected

9/13/2023 2:16:06 PM ET   Baja SAE Ohio

SAE would like to issue an apology to Baja SAE Ohio organizers (Honda) and the Case Western Reserve University and Virginia Tech teams. It was discovered that we unfortunately announced the 1st Place and 3rd Place Overall Winners in the incorrect order once we published the official results. Due to a clerical error, the teams were transcribed incorrectly by SAE staff on the award script leading our organizer to present the overall awards incorrectly. We apologize for this mistake to all affected parties.
SAE has already informed Honda who has graciously accepted the mistake and the actions SAE will take to correct it.

SAE has also reached to the affected universities and truly appreciate the sportsmanship and response by both teams in remedying the situation. Virginia Tech, the team who faced this unfortunate error quickly responded to ensure the situation is rectified as they hold all the competing teams in high regards and would like to see Case Western Reserve get the recognition they deserve. In working with both university advisors, it is agreed that both teams had a great competition and should be proud of their excellent finish in a very competitive field.

SAE is working with both teams to ensure the trophies are received by the correct party and at SAE expense.

It is always difficult to learn you have made a mistake but coming forward is always the right path forward.