Message from the Cost Team: Don't Wait!

2/20/2018 12:57:00 PM   BajaSAE Series

Please do not wait until the last minute to submit requests for items to be added to the catalog. The cost team will do its best to process as many as possible but if there is a large amount submitted in the last few days it will be unlikely that they will be processed in time to be added for this season. Any submitted after February 25th is not guaranteed to be entered in to the catalog at this time.

Here are a few tips and guidelines based on the add item requests so far. Please, review the notes below as they will help you complete the report on time and not get stuck waiting for an answer from the cost team.

The cost team has also processed numerous requests that have resulted in use existing action. They fall within two categories, use a generic part or a specific manufacturers part. The generic parts can be located in the catalog by filtering the supplier category to “any.”

In the case of generic parts, there are generic parts that take in account the dimensions of the parts, including but not limited to bolts, washers, nuts, bearings, raw material (including 4130 tubing), in the cost catalog. They are designed to allow you to input characteristics of the part you are using and to create a standard cost for them. For example, if you would like to add a wheel bearing from Polaris. The team should select Wheel Bearing, Double Row, Ball, Radial. Once that is selected, you put the outer diameter of the bearing in the size 1 box and the thickness of the bearing in the size 2 box and a cost will be generated for that part. The other option in the generic parts are common parts, such as the pressure switch for brakes or an air breather. We have decided that they have a fixed cost regardless of their characteristics.

Another thing we are seeing are parts already in the catalog from a supplier. We have tried to make sure we include manufacturer part numbers, either in the part material or in the description box. For example, if you would like to use the rear hub from a Polaris 2007 Sportsman 500, when you locate the part from a retailer, there should be a OEM part number (in this example 5135113) somewhere on the screen. If you input that part number into the search box and it already in there, the cost catalog will filter itself and eliminate all parts that do not match and thus the part you are wanting to add to your BOM will be left.

We are also closing some requests with notes due to difficultly in verifying the cost of a part. It is being seen that some of the provided links to a website supporting the cost of a part do not link to the actual part. Please make sure you link directly to the part, not a page with an exploded view with 10 or 15 parts listed or the front page of a retailer, both of which make it more of a challenge to process requests and if the number of requests gets very large will be returned to the team asking for more information. Furthermore, eBay and other auction sites are still not a valid site to support your cost so any requests with eBay will be closed with a note asking the team to provide a link to a normal retailers site.

Hopefully, these notes will give you some clarification and limit the number of issues that are closed with use existing or closed with a note asking for better support for the cost you are submitting for a part. The cost team is keeping up with processing all the add item requests and by following these tips you can help make sure every team gets all the items added by limiting the number of items closed with use existing or the number that are returned to you asking for more information.