Win a Honda Yeti Cooler at Tech Inspection in Williamsport!

5/15/2024 5:56:25 PM ET   Baja SAE Williamsport

Join us in Williamsport for Honda's exclusive technical inspection raffle featuring a sleek Honda Yeti Cooler!

Your speed through tech inspection will impact your chances of winning the cooler.

  • The first 10 teams to pass technical inspection will earn 10 raffle tickets.
  • Teams 10-20 to pass will get 6 raffle tickets.
  • Teams 21-40 to pass will get 4 raffle tickets.
  • Teams beyond the 40th spot to pass tech will still get 1 raffle ticket!

Don't let this opportunity stall out! Work as a team and aim to pass tech inspection fast to rev up your chances of winning the ultimate cooler for your team sponsored by Honda!