2018 Baja SAE Pre-Registration Instructions

9/20/2017 2:33:00 PM   BajaSAE Series

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in Baja SAE last season! With registration for 2018 just around the corner we wanted to remind you that last year the SAE team made the decision to give the top ten overall winners for each Baja SAE competition the opportunity to pre-register for 2018. This change is in keeping with other CDS events.

For 2017, the corresponding events in 2018 is as follows:

  • Baja SAE California - Baja SAE Oregon
  • Baja SAE Kansas - Baja SAE Kansas
  • Baja SAE Illinois - Baja SAE Maryland

As an example, if your team finished 3rd for the Baja SAE Illinois competition…your team is eligible to register early for the Baja SAE Maryland competition. Please note that trading events is not allowed.

If your team chooses to take advantage of the pre-registration opportunity SAE is giving you, someone on your team (with an active SAE membership that is properly affiliated to your university) needs to log into your team profile between Tuesday September 26th 10:00 AM EDT and Tuesday October 3rd 8:00 AM EDT and register your team. The process will be no different than what you have been used to in the past for registration. You are still looking for the orange REGISTER button. The only difference is that your team is be given the opportunity to sign up for the event ONE WEEK earlier than everyone else. If your team does not pre-register during the time frame listed above, you will forfeit your opportunity to register ahead of October 3rd.

After pre-registration you will be required to pay for the registration after general registration opens on your Team Profile page as if you chose to Pay Later. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]

For more updates on this process and other new process for 2018, check out this podcast: Baja SAE Shop Talk: Registration Day Preview

Baja SAE California 2017 - Baja SAE Oregon 2018
1 - Ecole De Technologie Superieure
2 - Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor
3 - Rochester Institute of Technology
4 - California Polytechnic State Univ-SLO
5 - Cornell Univ
6 - Queen's Univ - Ontario Canada
7 - Univ of Akron
8 - Oregon State Univ
9 - Case Western Reserve Univ
10 - Universidad De La Salle Bajio

Baja SAE Kansas 2017 - Baja SAE Kansas 2018
1 - Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor
2 - Univ of Wisconsin - Madison
3 - Georgia Southern Univ
4 - California State Poly Univ - Pomona
5 - Lehigh Univ
6 - New Jersey Institute of Technology
7 - Northeastern Univ
8 - Case Western Reserve Univ
9 - Government College of Engrg Pune
10 - Univ of Akron

Baja SAE Illinois 2017 - Baja SAE Maryland 2018
1 - Ecole De Technologie Superieure
2 - Oregon State Univ
3 - Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor
4 - Rochester Institute of Technology
5 - Northeastern Univ
6 - Polytechnique Montréal
7 - Univ of Akron
8 - San Diego State Univ
9 - Pennsylvania College of Technology
10 - New Jersey Institute of Technology