Baja SAE Ohio Food & T-shirt – Still time to order!

8/24/2023 9:48:20 AM ET   BajaSAE Series

Baja SAE Ohio organizers are excited to host the upcoming competition!
Knowing that some universities have not returned for the fall semester just yet; Honda has ordered extra meals for Day 1 through Day 4 that may be available for purchase onsite. Organizers strongly encourage student teams interested in purchasing the meal plan, $20/ student for 5 meals, to continue completing the Baja SAE Ohio 2023 Team – Food & T-Shirt form still available online. Organizers will fill additional orders of meals and t-shirts on a first come, first serve basis until inventory has run out.

If you have not already done so, please download and read the Welcome Packet published July 27th. So much information is available for teams! The welcome packet provides a look at the meal options available for purchase, the event site arrival procedure, provides the track rules like no open flames or grills at the Briarcliff MX venue, and probably SAE’s favorite thing the exciting tours and activities around Honda’s Marysville Campus like Honda Auto Development Center (ADC), Marysville Auto Plant, East Liberty Auto Plant, North American Quality Center, Honda’s Associate Race Team Ride Along at TRC, that Honda organizers have in store for student teams in attendance on Day 0. Additionally, if you haven’t read in the welcome packet, the first 25 technical inspection numbers for engine check will be distributed to teams onsite during Day 0 activities, note the first 25 Technical Inspection numbers will be used for engine check and Technical Inspection. Teams will also receive their arrival time slot for the paddock parking during the Day 0 Registration process.