Volunteer Opportunity - Student Posters at Aerotech

12/13/2018   BajaSAE Series
Students are invited to submit an abstract for a poster to be displayed at AeroTech Americas. Abstract submissions will be evaluated, and authors will be notified in advance of the event. For those accepted, individuals will receive an official letter to attend AeroTech (travel expenses are not included). Selections will be made by February 15, 2019.

Merchandise Store - Holiday Sale!

12/12/2018   BajaSAE Series
Introducing the SAE International Holiday Sale! Now through January 7, 2019 SAE merchandise is 25% off using the promo code HOLIDAY25. We're also offering free shipping on standard delivery. Get your SAE gear today!

Baja SAE Dissertation Research: Graduates Needed!

12/4/2018   BajaSAE Series
Trent Lindbloom of Pittsburg State University needs your help! He is looking for feedback from students who have graduated from the Baja SAE program to help with his dissertation research regarding the perceived occupational benefits of competing in technical collegiate competitions. Please forward on this opportunity to any Baja SAE alumni that you know who may be willing to help out with this project.

Baja SAE Tennessee Tech: Additional Waiver

11/27/2018   Baja SAE Tennessee Tech
An additional liability waiver will be required for all team members to sign for the Baja SAE Tennessee Tech event. Action required! Be sure to download the additional waiver, have each team member sign, and bring the additional forms to registration in April!

Important: Submit Trailer Size for Baja SAE Tennessee Tech!!

11/27/2018   Baja SAE Tennessee Tech
The organizers of the Baja SAE Tennessee Tech event are in need of additional information from each team. They are requesting trailer lengths of all teams participating to assign paddock locations.

2019 Cost Information

11/26/2018   BajaSAE Series
Updated documents for the 2019 Cost Event are now available for download at www.bajasae.net/go/downloads. These documents include information on the submission process, cost adjustment submission process, and a brand new Cost Bulletin!

Autodesk® Fusion 360® Free Webinars

11/26/2018   BajaSAE Series
Autodesk invites SAE teams to join Autodesk® Fusion 360® free webinars. From exploring the full span of integrated technologies to a deep dive into manufacturing tools. Turn your winning idea into reality!

2019 Design Score Sheets Available

10/31/2018   BajaSAE Series
The 2019 Baja SAE Score Sheets are available for download now under Series Resources at www.bajasae.net/go/downloads! Updates to the Design Evaluation Procedures and Design Comparison Document are to follow soon.

Baja SAE California: Spark Arrestor Required

10/25/2018   Baja SAE California
All teams attending Baja SAE California will be required to have a Spark Arrestor (Briggs and Stratton Part# 593207) mounted on the exhaust. These parts can be purchased from any Briggs and Stratton dealer. It must be installed prior to arriving at the event and no car engine can be started without the spark arrestor installed at this event.

Baja SAE Autodesk Partnership

10/23/2018   BajaSAE Series
Autodesk announces its partnership with 2019 SAE CDS, and we have exciting news for you!

CDS Virtual Career Fair

10/16/2018   BajaSAE Series
Due to sponsor requests to meet students prior to the 2019 CDS season events, SAE International is hosting its CDS (Collegiate Design Series) Virtual Career Fair on January 31, 2019, 12-4 pm EST.

Rumbaugh Outstanding Student Leader Award

10/11/2018   BajaSAE Series
SAE would like to honor one outstanding student leader engaged in one or more SAE activities! Deadline for nomination has been extended to November 1st, so hurry up and apply today!

Registration 'How To': WebEx Recording

9/28/2018   BajaSAE Series
The recording from the Baja SAE Registration WebEx is now available! This WebEx recording offers itself as a great tool for teams who are unsure of how to do things such as: register for competition, verify university affiliation, retrieve participation certificates, complete payment, and more! Be sure to watch this WebEx to refresh yourself before attempting registration on Tuesday!

2019 Baja SAE Fuel Tank Requirements

9/24/2018   BajaSAE Series
For the 2019 Baja SAE season the Briggs and Stratton fuel tank and cap are still required and can be purchased separately from the engine. The fuel tank should be mounted separately from the engine. Please refer to 'Part B - Technical Requirements, Article 6 - Fuel System' in the 2019 Baja SAE Rules for specific information on parts and mounting instructions.

Learn Twice Initiative

9/13/2018   BajaSAE Series
Is your team interested in volunteering? A World in Motion's Learn Twice Initiative allows your team to earn money for the 2019 Collegiate Design Series season by volunteering at a local elementary or middle school!

2019 Baja SAE Rules Released

9/11/2018   BajaSAE Series
The 2019 Baja SAE ruleset is available now for download under Series Resources! Based on experience and data from 2018, rule changes include added clarity for frame requirements, added options for harness mounting, and tighter requirements for throttle cable function and for vehicle identification. Clarification and editorial changes have also been made.

Baja SAE Mexico Invitation

9/11/2018   BajaSAE Series
Organizers at SAE Mexico would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come participate at Baja SAE Mexico in Toluca Estado de Mexico! Space is available at competition for any team willing to participate this year (soon! - OCTOBER 18-21) OR at the 2019 competition.

Baja SAE 2019 Registration WebEx

8/23/2018   BajaSAE Series
Registration for the 2019 Baja SAE Series is scheduled for October 2, 2018 and approaching quickly! Join us on September 28th as we host a registration refresher course and live Q&A on WebEx! New and returning teams welcome. WebEx will be recorded.

App Feedback Survey

8/13/2018   BajaSAE Series
We are ready to start working on CDS App 2.0 and would like your feedback on the current app as well as the next version! The survey will close on Sunday, August 19th at 11:59 PM ET.

Participation Certificates EXPIRING

8/3/2018   BajaSAE Series
Participation Certificates are set to expire August 15th! Be sure to login and download yours before the 15th. After we transition our web pages to the 2019 CDS events, Confirmation Letters and Participation Certificates for 2018 will no longer be available. This is non-negotiable.

2019 Baja SAE Pre-Registration

7/19/2018   BajaSAE Series
Registration is right around the corner for 2019! Remember that top ten overall finishers at each Baja SAE competition in 2018 will receive the opportunity to pre-register for 2019 for the event that corresponds to the one in which your team placed top ten in this season.

2019 Baja SAE Dates Released

7/19/2018   BajaSAE Series
The dates for the 2019 Baja SAE Series have officially been released!

Transferring Captainship

7/16/2018   BajaSAE Series
Take the time now to make sure your captains are up to date on www.bajasae.net. This will ensure a smooth transition for your team in 2019.

Oregon: Team Photos

6/13/2018   Baja SAE Oregon
Team photos taken after Design are being hosted on Google Photos. Download yours today! Click for direct link.

Oregon T-Shirt Deadline: June 15th

6/6/2018   Baja SAE Oregon
Due to popular demand, the deadline for the Baja SAE Oregon t-shirt sales has been extended until June 15th at http://bajaoregonshirt.com. Shirts are available for purchase online and will be shipped directly to you. Please note: Orders are restricted to the United States and Canada only.

"Why I Volunteer"

6/6/2018   BajaSAE Series
Enter the "Why I Volunteer" Video Contest for a chance to win an I-Phone X! Entries must be submitted by June 17th at 11:59 PM. 3 winners will be announced and videos featured as part of SAE Recognition Day on June 25, 2018.

2019 Fuel Tank

5/31/2018   Baja SAE Oregon
The prototype for the potential 2019 fuel tank is available outside of the entrance of technical inspection. Stop by to check it out!

Baja SAE Oregon: Design & Sales Presentation Schedules

5/28/2018   Baja SAE Oregon
The schedules for both design and sales presentations can now be found under Series Resources at http://www.bajasae.net/go/downloads or on the new Baja SAE app (under the schedules tab). Click for direct links.

Honda Lunch Available

5/19/2018   Baja SAE Kansas
Lunch sponsored by Honda is available for pick up in the Registration/Meal Tent. You may pick your meals up BEFORE or AFTER the mandatory 11:30 AM meeting. Please bring your Saturday lunch ticket when picking up. Thank you Honda for your genorosity.

Kansas Cost Audit Schedule Released

5/17/2018   Baja SAE Kansas
The Cost Audit Schedule for Baja SAE Kansas has been released under Schedules on the Baja SAE App or in this news piece. Cost Audits will only take 30 minutes and are scheduled to not interfere with Design Schedules.

Baja SAE Oregon Welcome Packet

5/15/2018   Baja SAE Oregon
The Baja SAE Oregon Welcome Packet is now available for download under Series Resources (http://bajasae.net/go/downloads) at bajasae.net. You will find lots of valuable information such as event site information, sales presentation finals, maps and an additional liability waiver that MUST be signed by all teammates.

Central Time Zone

5/15/2018   Baja SAE Kansas
An error was made on the Baja SAE Kansas event guide marking the time zone as Eastern. Pittsburg, Kansas is located in the Central Time Zone (CT). Please disregard EDT in the guide. We apologize for the confusion!

Shop Talk: 2018 Baja SAE Kansas Preview

5/15/2018   Baja SAE Kansas
Be sure to check out the latest podcast episode! Baja SAE Kansas Organizer Trent Lindbloom discusses updates to the event since last year including changes to dynamic events, the live broadcast, and severe weather plans.

Baja SAE Kansas T-Shirt Sales

5/11/2018   Baja SAE Kansas
Get your Baja SAE Kansas event shirts designed and created at Pittsburg State now! T-Shirts are available to purchase online. Click below to learn more.

Baja SAE Oregon T-Shirt Sales

5/10/2018   Baja SAE Oregon
T-Shirts for Baja SAE Oregon are available to purchase at www.bajaoregonshirt.com. The shirts will only be available for pre-order on the site and will be delivered at the event during registration. Order Deadline: May 24th.

Baja SAE Kansas: Design and Sales Schedules Posted

5/1/2018   Baja SAE Kansas
The Design and Sales Presentation Schedules for Baja SAE Kansas have been posted!

Tech Inspection Sheet Updated 04-28-2018

5/1/2018   BajaSAE Series
The 2018 Baja SAE Technical Inspection Sheet has been updated and reordered to include the new fuel tank rule outlined in Technical Bulletin 2018 - 3: Fuel Tank Mounting Update. Be sure to download and print the updated Tech Sheet before attending Baja SAE Kansas and/or Baja SAE Oregon!

Technical Bulletin 2018 - 4: Lessons from Maryland

5/1/2018   BajaSAE Series
The National Tech Inspectors have put together a new tech bulletin to cover technical inspection issues experienced during the first competition of 2018 (Maryland). Please be sure to review thoroughly before attending the Kansas and/or Oregon competitions.

Baja SAE Oregon: International Shipments

4/30/2018   Baja SAE Oregon
If you are a team in need of assistance or guidance with brokerage/drayage for international shipments, we now have an overseas contact for you to reach out to.

Baja SAE Oregon: Sales Presentation Finals

4/26/2018   Baja SAE Oregon
Returning for 2018, Baja SAE Oregon will host Sales Presentation Finals during the competition. The intent of this activity is to provide the top three finalists with objective final scoring, as well as encourage creativity among the remaining competitors.

Technical Bulletin 2018 - 3: Fuel Tank Mounting Update

4/26/2018   BajaSAE Series
Attention teams due to a failure of a fuel tank mounting system at the Maryland event the National Techs have decided it is necessary to make a mid season change to the rules.

Baja SAE Maryland Design Finalists Announced

4/20/2018   Baja SAE Maryland
Complete list of finalists available now!

Endurance Backup Lap Counting using RFID Tags

4/20/2018   BajaSAE Series
Be sure to check out the latest Tech Bulletin regarding the new RFID Tags for 2018!

Dynamic & Endurance Live Stream Links

4/20/2018   Baja SAE Maryland
Links to the short dynamic events and endurance at Baja SAE Maryland are now available!

Introducing the Baja SAE App

4/18/2018   BajaSAE Series
Download the brand new Baja SAE App from the Google Play & Apple App Store. This app was custom built for the Baja SAE community: competitors, volunteers, spectators, and sponsors. Using the app, you’ll have access to competition news, maps, schedules, paddock list, team list, and more. Click below to learn more!

Baja SAE Kansas: Video Stream Survey

4/17/2018   Baja SAE Kansas
The Baja SAE Kansas organizing committee is looking for your feedback and information for the 2018 live stream in Pittsburg, KS this year! Click below to find out more.

Baja SAE Kansas 2018 Event Information: Welcome Letter

4/16/2018   Baja SAE Kansas
The local organizer from Baja SAE Kansas has just released his 2018 Welcome Letter for the upcoming event in May! Be sure to read the letter thoroughly as there are several important action deadlines approaching as well as lots of valuable information regarding parking, registration, and more!

Sponsor Skillshops at Baja SAE Maryland

4/9/2018   Baja SAE Maryland
Great news! Baja SAE Maryland will be hosting Sponsor Skillshops this year on-site! These workshops will provide students opportunities to gain expertise on a variety of topics presented by the sponsor’s staff. Click below to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Reminder: Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

4/4/2018   BajaSAE Series
The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has posted a recall notification for plastic-handled Kidde fire extinguishers which may fail to discharge. For more information, click below.

Baja SAE Maryland - Sales Presentation Schedule

4/2/2018   Baja SAE Maryland
Great news! The 2018 Baja SAE Maryland Sales Presentation Schedule has been posted. Download your copy today!

Baja SAE Maryland - Design Schedule

3/26/2018   Baja SAE Maryland
Great news! The 2018 Baja SAE Maryland Design Schedule has been posted. Download your copy today!

Baja SAE Maryland - Merchandise Available!

3/14/2018   Baja SAE Maryland
Attending Baja SAE Maryland? The local organizers have put together a web store to sell exclusive Baja SAE Maryland merchandise! Click below to find out how to order today!

2018 Tech Sheet Posted

3/5/2018   BajaSAE Series
The 2018 Baja SAE Technical Inspection Sheet is available and ready for download!

Student Preparedness On-Site at CDS Events

3/1/2018   BajaSAE Series
With the 2018 CDS season approaching, we wanted to send a reminder that sponsors will be looking to collect your formal resume while on the event sites. Click below to learn more!

How To: Submit Your Cost Report

2/23/2018   BajaSAE Series
Need help understanding the correct way to submit your Baja SAE Cost Report for the 2018 competition season? Resources are available! Click below to learn more.

Message from the Cost Team: Don't Wait!

2/20/2018   BajaSAE Series
Warning: Please do not wait until the last minute to submit requests for items to be added to the catalog. Any submitted after February 25th is not guaranteed to be entered in to the catalog at this time. Click below to read more.

2018 Baja SAE Rules Revision ~ 2-12-18

2/15/2018   BajaSAE Series
Revisions have been made to rules: B.2.7, B., B.6.6.5, B.6.9. and Article 10. Please download and review these changes at your earliest convenience.

Celebrate Pi Day with SAE Foundation!

1/24/2018   BajaSAE Series
Extreme Engineering is what CDS is about. Going beyond textbook theory by designing, building and testing the performance of a real vehicle. Your STEM education, curiosity and drive makes it possible for you and your team to push the boundaries of innovation. Consider helping future CDS team members fulfill their dream of extreme engineering by participating in the Pi Day Challenge in support of STEM education!

Missing Document Notification Change

1/17/2018   BajaSAE Series
Warning emails for missing document submissions will now be sent a new way. Click below to find out more.

Bajasae.net: Series Resources

1/8/2018   BajaSAE Series
You can now access important rules and documents right here at bajasae.net! Click below to learn more.

Cost Module Resources

1/7/2018   BajaSAE Series
Information on how to begin building your vehicles on the new Baja SAE online cost module! Click below to learn more.

Engines: Stock Update

12/22/2017   BajaSAE Series
Still need to order your engine for the 2018 Baja SAE season? Click below to find out more.

2018 Document Submission Deadlines Change

11/3/2017   BajaSAE Series
Please be aware that deadlines for the Frame Documentation Package (formerly Frame Pre-Check) and the Design Report have changed for all three Baja SAE events. Click below to find out more information.

CDS Virtual Career Fair - coming soon!

10/26/2017   BajaSAE Series
Looking for an internship, co-op, rotational opportunity, or entry level position? Take part in the first ever CDS Virtual Career Fair on January 25th. Click below to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

Learn Twice Initiative

10/17/2017   BajaSAE Series
Want to earn money to cover your registration fees for this year? Click below to find out more.

2018 Baja SAE Pre-Registration Instructions

9/20/2017   BajaSAE Series
Congratulations to all the teams that participated in Baja SAE last season! With registration for 2018 just around the corner we wanted to remind you that last year the SAE team made the decision to give the top ten overall winners for each Baja SAE competition the opportunity to pre-register for 2018. Click below to learn more.

Baja SAE 2018 Rules Released

9/9/2017   BajaSAE Series
2018 Baja SAE Rules have been uploaded! Click below.

2018 Baja SAE Dates Released

8/24/2017   BajaSAE Series
2018 Baja SAE event dates released.Click below for more information.