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Question about seat mounting

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Hello, we are the University of Calgary Baja SAE team. We have a question about the following rule:

B. - Quantity

“Seats shall have no less than four (4) mounting points from the seat bottom plane and no less than two (2) mounting points from the seat back plane.”

In order for the seat to be adjustable to suit the 95% male and 5% female we would like to create an adjustable seat bottom to increase the angle of the seat bottom to increase height of the drivers legs. This would be accomplished by one of five possible methods. Each method has a hinge on the back of the seat bottom and has it connect to the frame with a bolt on either side. This would be the first set of connection points of the bottom. The second set is different for each method.
- The first option is a set of vertical and curved metal tabs with holes attached to the bottom front of the seat, with which corresponding tabs on the frame connect to using appropriately sized cotter pins so the height of the seat bottom may be adjusted without the removal of a bolt. The seat bottom is not directly attached to the frame but is attached through the vertical metal tab and hinge.
- The second and third options are very similar. One has the curved metal tab attached to the frame instead of the seat and are connected to the seat via tabs and cotter pins (option two) or holes directly in the seat and attached using one long pin or screws (option three).
- Option four has the curved tab with multiple holes attached to the bottom of the seat as well but can pivot so it connects to multiple differently placed tabs on the frame, so as to avoid the problem of the tab needing to protrude from the bottom of the frame.
- The final option (option five) has an expanding bottom tab connected to the seat which is then attached to the frame through tabs and cotter pins.

Each of these options are illustrated in the scanned photos provided. We are requesting clarification of which of these would comply with the four mounting point rule. Thank you.
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