Weekly Event Update - 6/09

6/9/2020 5:00:36 PM   BajaSAE Series

Email Invites - Coming Soon!

Soon all team members successfully added to their team rosters on www.sae.org will be receiving an email invite to the 2020 Baja SAE Virtual Event. If you are not on your fast track roster at this point, stay tuned for updates to the news feed at www.bajasae.net/go/news when we are able to share further details.

CDS Gearbox - Closes Tomorrow 6/10

Be sure to get your limited edition 2016 Baja SAE California throwback merch before its gone! The campaign will be closing at 12:00 PM TOMORROW so don't delay!
Buy Now!

Cost Event - Canceled

Due to limited schedule availability the cost team has decided that the third event, component prototype cost reduction document, will not be held.

2020 Baja SAE Virtual 4x4 Design Evaluations

Good luck to all teams completing their 4x4 design evaluations tomorrow! Polaris and SAE will be awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams that compete in the 2020 Baja SAE Virtual 4x4 Design Evaluation during the "award ceremony" on June 16th during the virtual event.
4x4 Presentation Schedule

June 16th Virtual Event - Skillshop Session Details

Creating Lightweight Optimized Designs with Altair Inspire

Presenter: Erik Larson - Altair Engineering

Through a combined presentation + demo approach, this dynamic session will introduce you to Altair Inspire™ software as used to perform structural analyses, topology optimization (light-weighting), and manufacturing simulations. This is intended to help you get started using Altair Inspire™ for projects related to your vehicle needs. Understand how Inspire relates to and supports Innovation and can give you a competitive advantage for your team.

First Time Success in Technical Inspection - Baja SAE

Presenters: National Technical Inspectors

Join senior Baja SAE National Technical Inspectors (NTI) for a live Q&A session. This will be an unscripted conversation session, so bring your questions about the rules and/or the technical inspection process. If tech inspection has you stressed out, let's talk about it - you can pass tech on the first try!

Powertrain Integration-Insights

Presenter: Gabriel Moreno - Cummins Inc

This skillshop will cover topics related to transmission integration and will include discussion addressing Baja SAE transmission design. The following aspects will be discussed:

  • overview of transmission types
  • topics on engine/transmission integration
  • transmission construction
  • engine/transmission performance analysis

Baja SAE: Legacy of Innovation

Presenter: Mike Zieman - Digital Engineering Solutions

Mike Zieman takes you on photo tour of innovation in Baja SAE, starting from the very early days of Mini Baja through his experience on a Baja team. While many students lose their connection with Baja after graduating, Mike explores how much more improvement, innovation, and fun can result from continued involvement as a competition organizer, national tech inspector, coordinator, and on-site volunteer.

Developing Your Technical Legacy (aka Becoming a Baja Hero)

Presenter: Joy Lindsay - Cummins Inc

What gives a Baja team a clear competitive advantage? Real levers for success are available and achievable to every team. Building on what has already been learned to gain on other teams is a matter of capturing knowledge and using expertise in a deliberate way. Learning how to do this can:

  1. help your team now
  2. help your team next year
  3. fuel your professional career later.

Engineering Career Success through the Baja SAE Sales Event

Presenters: Baja SAE Oregon Committee

Calling all Baja SAE Sales Presentation student teams! The SAE Oregon Baja Committee wants to provide insight into what judges and event coordinators are looking for in a Sales Presentation. We also want to get the student point of view by an interviewing previous Sales Event winner(s), where we will discuss the nuts & bolts of what makes a great presentation. The last portion will be a live Question and Answer chat session for students to ask SAE Oregon questions.

Wizardry and Witchcraft - Conjuring the most out of your continuously variable transmission (CVT) system

Presenter: Amery Kuhl - Polaris Inc

Stop “brewing tunes and burning belts” and start engineering calibrations with your CVT system that maximize the performance from the “Three-O-Five Thumper” as we break down some of the mystery that surrounds the CVT system calibration activity and lay down the framework for an engineered approach to the basics of CVT understanding and calibration.

Baja SAE Design Event and the Engineering Product Development Cycle

Presenter: Jason Fields - Polaris Inc

Now is the time to start working on next year’s Baja SAE designs! Want to know what to expect for next year’s Baja SAE design evaluations or how to improve your design evaluation score? Learn all about the Baja SAE design evaluations, the engineering product development cycle, and how following the engineering product development cycle will help you engineer a better Baja SAE car.

Baja SAE Engine Setup and Tune

Presenter: Mike Zimmerman - Briggs & Stratton Corp

Spend some time learning from the expert to improve performance on your next Baja SAE Vehicle. In this session, Briggs and Stratton will discuss:

  • Preparing your car for BRIGGS & Stratton Tech Inspection
  • Setting static governor, governed Idle and top no load speed.
  • Carb removal and main jet inspection/ cleaning

2021 AeroConnect Challenge Mission Release

Presenter: Allison Hostetler - SAE International

Last year, AeroConnect Challenge teams designed a rapidly deployable UAV to assist fighting California wildfires. This year, AeroTech Americas will be held in Florida and teams will be given a new mission. Join us as we release the 2021 SAE AeroConnect Challenge mission live.