Design Evaluations

6/1/2020 4:05:32 PM   BajaSAE Series

Baja SAE competitors!

Design evaluations start to today! We hope you are ready! We have a few clarifications to help things go smoothly.

  1. Start time – You cannot join the WebEx until the previous team is done, so you will not be able join until 5 minute prior to your start time.

  2. Breakout sessions – please be prepared to tell the WebEx host who you are and what breakout session you will be in
    a. Overall package / system integration (this will be the main WebEx room)
    b. Chassis / Ergonomics
    c. Suspension, steering and brakes
    d. Drivetrain

  3. Switching breakout rooms – students can switch breakout rooms anytime

  4. 4wd/Awd – reviews will be next week. If you attempted 4wd or Awd, you will see an invite late this week.