Presentation Limit Clarification

5/21/2020 6:54:03 PM   BajaSAE Series

Sales Presentations - Limit 5

Sales presentations will be hosted on WebEx Teams. Participants will only be able to join via computer audio. There will be no option to call via phone. Camera/video while presenting slides is not required but encouraged.

Please limit the amount of team members on your SALES presentations to no more than 5 if possble. We have found that technical issues are directly correlated with the number of students presenting. Having excessive presenters also adds unintended length to your presentation due to having to switch between speakers. Overall, we feel that limiting SALES presentations to 5 is best practice and will benefit teams.

Design Presentations - No Limits!

Design presentations will be hosted on WebEx Training. Participants are encouraged to join via computer audio however can also call via phone. Camera/video will not be available in breakout rooms.

There is no limit on number of students/presenters for the design WebEx session. We have received emails from teams concerned about the 5 person limit. This limit will not apply to design and the design breakout rooms.

Can I have videos included in my presentations?

Including video within your slides is OK, but please be warned that video like this sometimes can result in feedback/lag. It will be up to you as a team to decide to use the video or to put on a presentation without the video.