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4/30/2020 1:01:00 PM   BajaSAE Series

Baja SAE Sales Presentation Event Description

Date: May 26- 29, 2020

Location: via WebEx appointments

Timing: Sales presentation judging will take place on Tuesday, May 26th through Friday, May 29th between the hours of 3:00 PM EST and 7:00 PM EST.

Finals are happening, but TBD on exact days and times

2020 Virtual Sales Presentation

The Sales Presentation for 2020 will follow a virtual format, but the content and judging criteria of the evaluation will be essentially the same as the on-site events in the past.

For an effective and efficient presentation, please familiarize yourself and your team with the Sales Presentation section of the rules (Article 5). The Judge Score Card and Rubric/guideline are also recommended resources to review. They can be found in the Sales Presentation section at:

Required Content
Required content to provide by May 10th for the virtual Sales Presentation event: new to the virtual event, teams are required to turn in their Sales presentation slides ahead of time. Please convert your presentation to a .PDF and upload it to your team’s document submission page at will use them for reference during judging deliberation and a back-up in case of technology issues. It is understood and expected that the presentation content could change between what is submitted and what is presented. We also understand that converting to a .PDF may limit your presentation, but is required due to file size. Your team will not be assigned a presentation time slot without a submitted presentation.

Objective and Audience
The objective and audience of the Sales Presentation remains unchanged for the virtual format:

  • Objective
    “…for the team to persuade the “executives” of a hypothetical manufacturing company to invest in the team’s Baja SAE vehicle design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution. The team should assume they will be producing the vehicle at a rate of 4,000 units per year. See the judging rubric for further context.”

  • Audience
    “…teams are to assume that the judges are to be a mixed group of corporate executives who may have experience in marketing, production and finance as well as engineering.”

Presentation Format
The format remains primarily unchanged, but there are some differences:

  • All teams will be assigned a Sales Presentation time and date (May 26, 27, 28, or 29). They will also receive access to a WebEx link for their specific room. Please join the WebEx and be ready to present at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. In the event that a team misses their time slot, there is no guarantee that the team will be evaluated, so please be prompt. We will do our best to accommodate changes, but there is no guarantee that we can change your time slot.
  • The number of Sales Presentation rooms is still being determined. Judging panels will remain in one room, and will not interchange members. Each team will be evaluated in a 45-minute period. Details of that period are listed below.
  • One or more team members may make the presentation to the judges.
  • The presentation itself is limited to a maximum of ten (10) minutes (whole student team and all judges in same WebEx).
  • Following the presentation there will be an approximately five (5) minute question period (whole student team and all judges in same WebEx).
  • Only the judges are permitted to ask questions. Any team member on the presentation floor/stage may answer the questions even if that member did not speak during the presentation itself.
  • Fifteen (15) minutes for judges to score students (judges go to separate scoring breakout room for discussion. Students stay in the main presentation room)
  • Ten (10) minutes for feedback (whole student team and all judges in same WebEx).

Scoring remains unchanged: “The Sales Presentation event will be scored based on such categories as: 1) The content of the presentation, 2) The organization of the presentation, 3) The effectiveness of the visual aids, 4) The speaker’s delivery, and 5) The team’s responses to the judge’s questions.” The organizers reserve the right to use a method of their choice to normalize scores across rooms if they deem necessary.

Sales Finals dates are TBD at this time. The top three teams to present will be notified. The format will be consistent with the regular presentations: WebEx meeting invitation with a ten minute presentation. Differences being it will be open for any student teams to watch (we encourage other schools come watch). A new panel of judges will selected for finals and there will be no question-answer session. Those teams watching remotely are not allowed to record the finals presentations.