Weekly Event Update - 05/19

5/19/2020 6:07:08 PM   BajaSAE Series

Baja SAE Static Presentation Team Contact Survey

All team members on your roster at www.sae.org should have received an email with a link to the survey yesterday. The survey’s intention is to capture which static events your team plans on participating in and to capture a direct contact for each of those events. Please try to have only one person fill out this survey if possible. Please be sure to complete this survey ASAP so that we can schedule your presentation with you via WebEx Teams.
Survey Link

Presentation Tip – Number of Presenters:

Please limit the amount of team members on your WebEx presentations to no more than 5. During the SAE Aero Design Oral Presentations last week, we found that bandwidth issues directly correlated with the number of students presenting. Having excessive presenters also adds unintended length to your presentation due to having to switch between speakers. Overall, we feel that limiting presentations to 5 is best practice and will benefit teams.

Alumni Opportunity - Sales Presentation Judges

We are still accepting volunteers for sales presentations next week. Feel free to pass along the sign up link to any alumni working within industry that may be interested in giving back to the Baja SAE community by volunteering some of their time.

Static Presentation Schedule

We will be releasing the static presentation (Sales and Design) schedules soon. Stay tuned to the newsfeed at www.bajasae.net/go/news for updates. We will also be sure to send a push notification on the mobile app as well when the schedules are posted.