2021 Baja SAE Knowledge - Design Judging Team Static Schedule

3/10/2021 1:14:12 PM   BajaSAE Series

You can find the schedule under the 'Knowledge Event Static Schedules' folder within the '2021 CDS Competition Season' folder in Series Resources or download the schedule directly by clicking here.

While the PDF schedule is in ET, the Pathable site will display the meetings in your computer’s time zone. Presenters will need to mark their calendars; an actual appointment will not be sent to accept.

Note: With the Pathable platform you can add the appt to your calendar. We highly encourage this to avoid confusion.

Reminder: team submissions are due on March 31st.

Qualtrics Survey was emailed to team captains earlier this week capture team presenters. List of presenters are to be submitted by March 14th. If you miss this deadline or need to make modifications, please email [email protected]