Baja Knowledge Cost and Design Extended Deadline

4/6/2021 3:09:17 PM   BajaSAE Series

The deadline for required submissions to participate in Baja SAE Knowledge Events – Design and Cost are being extended until 11:59 PM EDT April 6th for teams missing these submissions.

Last week our websites did experience an issue with the cost module, we believe this issue is now resolved and may have prohibited teams from submitting the required online vehicle cost prototype submission.

The absolute deadline was Monday, April 5th in which SAE did not send courtesy (not required) warning emails.

Because lack of submission and participation in the Design and Cost events does remove teams from the Knowledge Event and Validation Events, we are extending for remainder of today only for teams to submit the required reports. Any team not having submitted all the required submissions by the deadline will be removed on April 7th and notified.

Baja SAE Design and Cost deadline extended to 11:59 PM EDT April 6, 2021 for teams missing submissions.