Roll Cage - Cancellation Deadline Feb 7th

2/2/2021 3:23:07 PM   BajaSAE Series

Due to a discrepancy the deadline date on the website for the Roll Cage Documentation Package shows a 'close' date (aka cancellation date) of February 2, 2021. However, the document submission slot on displays a cancellation deadline of February 7, 2021. Due to this discrepancy, we will be honoring the February 7, 2021 cancellation deadline as the true cancellation deadline for this document.

Any teams who have not yet turned in the Roll Cage Documentation Package, please make sure that you do so prior to 11:59:59 PM ET on Sunday, February 7, 2021 to ensure that your team isn't removed from the competition.

All teams who have not yet submitted should have received a warning email.

Please note: This document is only for teams participating in the Validation events.