Rules Revision C Released

4/2/2021 9:38:18 AM   BajaSAE Series

The 2021 Baja SAE Rules Revision C have been released. You can find this updated version of the rules in the folder labeled 'SAE' at Series Resources. The revisions addressed a few minor errors. Revision B was made on the wrong ruleset document so, Revision C has been posted to rectify. Below is a complete list of changes revised from the original ruleset:

  • B.8.3 Updated to allow drivetrain components to pass through firewall
  • B.2.7.14 renamed the rule "Starting Devices". To state that starter motors are prohibited.
  • B.7.1 Corrected minimum force. Added verbiage to say that associated parts shall be designed to withstand said minimum pedal force.
  • B.9.1 updated text regarding B.9.6
  • B.12.8.1 Updated Drawing for Dimension ā€œLā€

Teams, team members as individuals and faculty advisors, are responsible for reading and understanding the rules in their entirety in effect for the competition in which they are participating.